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Ireland has a temperate climate, which means no extremes of heat or cold. Temperatures between May and September are usually in the mid teens to low twenties. The coldest months are December, January and February. Generally the country receives little snow and is the first European landfall to receive the warmth of the Gulf Stream and the coastal areas are rarely if ever affected by frost. Ireland's climate allows for year round golf, but with the arrival of spring growth and more heat in the air golfers tend to enjoy their sport more regularly, April through to October

The Rain

It rains in Ireland. Not a lot more than in any other temperate climate country but enough to give every chance of a "soft" day. It is not usually a full day affair but there is enough of it around to suggest you bring rain gear. A visit to our on line shop can offer you a great selection of rainwear. In the knowledge that golf naturally evolved in this type of climate we suggest you be prepared and enjoy!

What to Bring

If you are a serious golfer then bring your full selection of clubs. The championship courses are tough challenges and if you really want to excel you have no choice but to take all your clubs. It can be awkward though, pulling and pushing the big bag in and out of compact sized cars up and down the country, For the more modest golfer, a light bag, 2 woods, your favorite mid irons, a couple of high irons and your putter will cover the lot. Bring your wet gear and wet shoes, and the lighter dry ones just in case! Umbrellas can be handy too when it is raining and not windy. You can have fairly strong gusts on the links and in this situation an umbrella is useless


Anywhere there is a professional shop attached to the course you wish to play, you will be able to hire playing equipment. You should also make advance arrangement to hire the clubs as on some occasions demand can outstrip supply. You should bring your own footwear though, and the normal tee shirts, sweaters, etc. We hope to open our golf online shop soon offering great value in quality goods.

The Daylight Hours

You can get sufficient daylight to play golf up to 11pm late June to the end of July. This adds about four hours to the normal golfing day and gives the golfer the opportunity to get in an extra 18 holes at this time of the year. Generally you can expect daylight from 7am up to at least 8pm in May, and August through to mid September.


There are caddy services available at all of the high profile clubs, Portmarnock, Ballybunion, Royal County Down etc. Arrangements and fee payments should always be made direct with caddy master. You would also be expected to "tip" the caddy directly.

Spiked Golf Shoes

In more recent years there has been a small but nonetheless, growing number of clubs, operating a "soft spikes" policy. All clubs accept soft spikes but if you travel with metal spikes the club professional will change them "on the spot".

Pull Carts/Motorised Buggies

There are plenty of pull carts available at virtually all clubs. Motorised buggies are becoming increasingly available but the "fleet" rarely exceeds six or eight. Some clubs, particularly the links, because of the severity of the undulating terrain and a wish to maintain the old traditions, do not have this service. Arrangements to hire should be made in advance.

Handicap Certificates

Most clubs reserve the right to see your handicap certificate. In practice, handicap certificates are seldom if ever requested. However, if you wish to enter an "open competition" it would be essential to have your handicap certificate available as evidence of your handicap for scoring purposes. The advice would be to bring one just in case.

Club House Dress Code

The informality of Irish golf is well expressed in clubhouse regulations. Generally, smart casual attire is acceptable in all areas of the clubhouse. In some of the larger city clubs, men would be expected to wear jacket and tie at dinner or other evening functions

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